04. Guitar method

My guitar method in 7 volumes

The aim of this course is to fill the gap in comprehensive teaching material that is suitable for those who prefer to teach themselves. During the 26 years I have been teaching classical guitar, I have arranged and composed many pieces of music for my students. I collected this material for a publication. The material has been revised and tested for many years and this is the refined product.
These books introduce beginners to a wide range of music and styles but the basic technique is always “classical”. We play with fingertips/nails, not a pick (plectrum). We learn how to read music, not Tabs. We use a guitar support or a footstool while sitting.
It is my aim and hope, that this course will inspire more guitarists to learn to read from sheet music and develop a good technique while having fun.

Language: English

What people say:
-“I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!

At the age of 48, I recently began taking classical guitar lessons. It has been something I’ve always wanted to do, but struggled to find the time and a qualified teacher. Luckily, I was able to find both and began lessons. My instructor is excellent, but I felt like we haven’t been connecting with several of the different exercises and pieces he has assigned. It almost feels like we’re speaking two different languages. As a result, I ordered your seven method books, in the hope that they would be a good supplement to my lessons. They are perfect! They are the best investment I’ve made! They are exactly what I needed to fill in the gap between my understanding and my teacher’s explanation. They allow me to achieve the same skills using a slightly different pedagogy and pattern, and enhancing my ability to play my instructor’s assignments. Now, my instructor’s assignments do not seem quite as difficult!
Paul, FL, USA

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