Go Forward (sheet music + TABs)

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At the end of the academy season and the summer holidays are coming, I composed a piece for a student that wanted to play a piece where he should “tap” while playing. It is a fun technique and not too difficult. (Especially when I have written a piece where it shouldn’t be too hard to learn). 🙂
G-Major. Standard tuning.
Level: 3 (I would rate this level “2” but some guitarists have contacted me saying it should be a “3”. Customers are always right… so let´s make it a third level piece).
Pages: 5 (4 pages incl. cover page)
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1 review for Go Forward (sheet music + TABs)

  1. caballea2008 (verified owner)

    Still working on this one. Very funny to study. Very musical. Even I found myself waving my head “dancing” with the rhythm. But at this moment I disagree with the level. Usually Per-Olov level 2 pieces are quite easy to play at my level(which is not too high) but this one is making me work harder(in my honest opinion is a Level 3)

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