Before Beatles crossed Abbey Road (sheet music)

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I saw a picture of The Beatles preparing to be photographed for the famous cover of their record “Abbey Road” where they are walking over a crosswalk on Abbey Road. (You can see the picture here) and I felt inspired to compose a piece for that occasion. I integrated some “weird” measures just as I think John Lennon would have done. In G-major and standard tuning.
Level: 2-3, Pages: 4

1 review for Before Beatles crossed Abbey Road (sheet music)

  1. davesguitar57 (verified owner)

    What a cool piece of music this is! Per Olov captured perfectly the spirit of the sixties and specifically the carefree and lyrical quality that many of the Beatles songs were written in. The melody floats and occasionally soars above the accompaniment like a lighthearted soul with nothing to worry about. It is rated at level 2-3 and does offer challenges in opposite finger movements, some rapid chord changes and just keeping it light and airy but it’s a very fun and lively piece to play! One can almost hear a couple of bars of “Octopus’s Garden” in the tune! I would highly recommend “Before The Beatles Crossed Abbey Road” David

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