Guitar Class Volume 7


This is the (for now) last volume in my Guitar Method. Vol. VII contains many solo pieces (some sold separately [I Dream of You, Amazing Grace, Für Elise, Studies Op 14, Thumb Study, Where the Rainbow Ends]) and many new exercises with instructions and suggestions for being a better musician and classical guitarist. Some of the things we will look at:
1. Polyphony
2. Harmonics
3. Arpeggi
4. Fingerings
5. Lute tuning (3rd string to F#)
6. Drop D tuning (6th string to D)
7. Memorizing pieces
If you have come this far, you should be a quite a guitarist! but!… remember; it is all about the music and you will NEVER be finished!
There is no such thing as a perfect guitarist or musician. Now starts the real work! I have played for over 50 years and I am still learning new things every single day! To me, that is the best thing with music: you will always be challenged and never bored.
If I make a Vol. VIII, will you see me there? Well, we will see what happens. I wish you all the best and happy playing with your guitar and music!
Level: Advanced
Pages: 34


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