Selected Studies for Classical Guitar (Level 2 till 4)


Selected Studies for Classical Guitar…
…contains different pieces/studies by classical guitar composers between 1650 and 1850. They represent the “Golden Age” of the classical guitar, where not only the physical instruments, but also the technique and music went through a revolution. During these 200 years, the guitar became socially accepted as a musical instrument for, not only the upper-class, but also for common people from all social layers. It even became more popular than the piano among the British aristocracy. Mainly during the latter half (1750 till 1850), many Guitar Methods and schools were published to accommodate the growing interest for the guitar. I also included a few pieces by my first guitar teacher Torvald Nilsson and myself that I found relevant for this collection.
In this Selected Studies for Classical Guitar I have chosen studies from the most appreciated methods and solo pieces of that time. (See composer list at page 4.) To me, it is important that the studies are “real music”, composed to be played in front of an audience and not only in your chamber as an exercise. Each study is labeled to indicate the type of technique it is intended to teach you. Most exercises has an easy and a more advanced version.
Techniques covered in this book:
1. scales
2. legato
3. parallel thirds
4. parallel sixths
5. parallel octaves
6. parallel tenths
7. polyphony
8. accentuate chord notes
9. accentuate a melody
10. accentuated bass line
11. arpeggios
12. tremolo
13. right hand patterns
14. ornaments (grace notes)
15. muting
16. syncopation
17. barre chords
18. pizzicato
19. harmonics (incl. art. harm.)
20. percussion (tambura)
21. glissando
Note: No Tabs! Only sheet music!
Pages: 50 (52 including covers) (1.6 MB download)
Also including an Appendix with 6 solo pieces by Per-Olov Kindgren (already published separately).

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