Complete Sheet music After Silence CD


This is the complete sheet music for my CD “After Silence”. Download size: 4.3 MB
Level: 2-3, 23 pieces/46 pages
NOTE: The CD or the mp3 are NOT included!
1. After Silence
2. I Will Wait For You
3. A Touch Of Love
4. A Kind Of Song
5. I Miss You
6. Milonga De La Luna
7. I'll Walk You Home
8. Marie
9. Why
10. While You Were Sleeping
11. Oceans Of The Moon
12. Sea Of Nectar
13. Everything Is Going My Way
14. Te Quiero
15. Alessandra
16. Loving You
17. Over Tay Bridge
18. Newport On Tay
19. Right In The Middle Of Things
20. Freedom Song
21. Rayburn
22. I Dream Of You
23. Before Silence


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