Thank You for what you do (sheet music)


“Thank You for what you do” Is a dedication to all medical personnel that are there when we need them the most! I saw a clip on MSNBC about a female nurse in NYC that had 3 kids, was a widow and went to work at a hospital where all patients were infected with Covid-19. I literally cried when I saw what she had to go through. Every day! And then, after 10 hours, coming home to 3 kids that needed attention, love and care. I have no idea how she managed!! And, at the back of her head: Will I spread the virus to my children? My respect and gratitude has no limits!
All I can do, is write some music and hope it will reach out to her and all her colleagues from doctors to the ones driving the ambulances. We love you and THANK YOU!
Note: this is only one nurse in USA. Our thankfulness reaches out to all medical workers all over the world!
D-Major, Standard tuning.
Level: 3
Pages: 2 (3 pages incl. cover page)
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