Tango Triste (sheet music)


After I heard of the terror attacks in Paris on the 13th. Nov. 2015 I went to bed but couldn't sleep. I got up at 3am and composed this and during the next day, I made the last touches and later the same evening, I recorded it.
It is sad that we cannot live in peace, love, understanding and respect regardless of religious and political views. We all are human beings. And we only have this one planet to share! Why not do it in the best way? With respect and love. I don't get it!!
Paris is “the city of cities” and I have spent many happy and wonderful days there with the woman I loved and it is heartbreaking to think of the innocent people that was out that evening enjoying the city and now are gone or wounded.
I hope I can communicate my sadness with this music.
Level: 3 Pages: 2 (3 pages incl. cover)


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