Popular Classics for Guitar (compilation album) (mp3)


I have decided to make my home-studio recordings from 1991 public.
I planned to make an album called “POPULAR CLASSICS FOR GUITAR” back in 1991 but ended up never sending the files to a production company. Instead I kept all the files privately. Only a few of my friends has heard them.
Disclaimer! This is not a “CD” per se! You might find some mistakes and errors in these recordings. They were never meant to be public as they appear here. I made them as an experiment and “just for fun” on a TEAC X-1000 Reel-To-Reel tape-recorder with 2 AKG 460B microphones. All tracks were recorded in one, single take in my bedroom during three days; 3rd till 5th June 1991.
Duration: 57:28 minutes. 15 tracks
Note: There are no scores or Tabs included in this item.

All music arranged/edited by Per-Olov Kindgren.
All tracks performed, recorded and produced by Per-Olov Kindgren
All recordings are played on a guitar by luthier Philippe Jean-Mairet (Murten, Switzerland, 1987)

The single tracks can be downloaded directly to any portable device

1. Prelude: Guido Santorsola 6:03
2. Study No. 6: Leo Brouwer 0:46
3. Canción De Cuna: Leo Brouwer 3:12
4. Gavota-Choro: Heitor Villa-Lobos 6:10
5. Theme and Variations: Lennox Berkley 9:14
6. At the end of a perfect day: Per-Olov Kindgren 2:50
7. Cavatina: Stanley Myers 3:40
8. El Abejorro: Emilio Pujol 1:44
9. Torija: Ferderico Moreno-Torroba 3:28
10. Capricho Arabe: Francisco Tárrega 5:16
11. Dedicatoria: Enrique Granados 1:51
12. You’ve got a friend: Carole King 4:06
13. Adios a Ocumare: Antonio Lauro 3:14
14. Armida: Antonio Lauro 2:45
15. La Negra: Antonio Lauro 2:39


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