It Hurts To Leave, It Hurts To Stay (sheet music)

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You know the feeling when you have to leave just after an argument? You would like to stay and reconcile and make it up again and at the same time you want or have to leave… It's hard!
This should be performed slowly and like an afterthought. I tied to make it as easy as possible so more guitarists could play it without having to be a pro.
In A-Minor and standard tuning.
Level: 2 Pages: 2 (3 pages incl. cover)

2 reviews for It Hurts To Leave, It Hurts To Stay (sheet music)

  1. Dick (verified owner)

    Beautiful piece that is fairly easy to play. It reminds me on a song of Leonard Cohen.

  2. MarkusFalk79 (verified owner)

    A meditative piece that creates a gentle flow.

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