El Burro Viejo (The Old Donkey) (sheet music + TAB)


El Burro Viejo (The Old Donkey) is a sad little piece in G-major and standard tuning. I was “inspired” (not a good word in this context) when I saw an ad for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) where they showed a clip with a starving Donkey going around and around in circles to pump water from a well. It looked miserable! So, have this in mind when you play this.
This will eventually be part of my growing suite for guitar solo with “musical images” from life in Spain: “Estampas”
Level: 2-3
Pages: 5 (6 pages incl. cover)

Here is Matleena playing it very beautiful:

El Burro Viejo (The old Donkey) , Per-Olov Kindgren from Ääneenajattelija on Vimeo.


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