Birds on a Fence (sheet music)


Birds on a fence is a written “improvisation” (if such a thing exist?). It has no measures, no beat, no pulse. Only this flowing, continuos rows of notes…
It came to me when I saw these birds sitting on a power line over the fields outside my house while the Sun was setting. They looked like random notes on a music staff line. But they were sitting in very uneven distances from each other and I thought: I wish I could play the melody they represented. Later that evening, I decided to write a piece without measures and/or pulse.
This means you can play it as you like! Take all the time in the world between notes and phrases. Speed up, slow down, hold a random note to your liking. It’s up to you.
Level: 3
Pages: 1 (2 pages incl. cover)
Drop D tuning [E B G D A D], D-Major
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