01. Updated 25. May 2023

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NEW 25th May 2023
Prelude No. IX Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW 17th May 2023
Prelude Op. 28 No. 7 in A-MajorFrederic Chopin
Prelude Op. 28 No. 20 in A-MinorFrederic Chopin

NEW 15th May 2023
Na Praia (At The Beach) Per-Olov Kindgren
Tenderness Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW 5th May 2023
Träumerei Robert Schumann

NEW in April 2023
Making Sense OF Things Per-Olov Kindgren
Cloud Spotting Per-Olov Kindgren
Spending My Days Without You Per-Olov Kindgren
I Saw You As You Were Per-Olov Kindgren
An Afterthought Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW in March 2023
Sarabande Variations, HWV 437 G.F. Handle

NEW in February 2023
In The Mood/Tar Paper Stomp Joe Garland/Wingy Manone
Chanson à la Lumière (Song to the Light) Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW in January 2023
Inventio Quinta Johann Sebastian Bach
In Death I Sweetly Sing Per-Olov Kindgren
We Never Said Goodbye Per-Olov Kindgren

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