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NEW PIECE 29th July 2020
Love Be Mine (Eric’s Song to Sarah) Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW ITEM 21st July 2020
Popular Classics for Guitar (compilation album) (mp3) Per-Olov Kindgren (Please read the disclaimer!)

NEW PIECE 19th July 2020
Behind You All The Way Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW PIECES 12th July 2020
Prelude in E-Minor BWV 941 J. S. Bach
Prelude in A-Minor BWV 940 J. S. Bach
Spinning Wheels Per-Olov Kindgren

PIECES June 2020
I Can’t Breath Per-Olov Kindgren

PIECES May 2020
All You Have To Say Per-Olov Kindgren
Nobody knows you when you’re down and out Jimmie Cox (1923) Recorded by Eric Clapton, Katie Melua and others
Caravan (Habanera) Per-Olov Kindgren
Psallein No. 6 Per-Olov Kindgren
Psallein No. 4 Per-Olov Kindgren

PIECES April 2020
O som dos Sinos da Igreja “The Sound of the Church Bells” (Dedicated to João Pernambuco) Per-Olov Kindgren
“Thank You for what you do” (Dedicated to all medical personnel)
Per-Olov Kindgren
“La Mujer de la Habana” (The Woman from Havana) Per-Olov Kindgren

PIECES March 2020
Sadness – is the bill we pay for Love Per-Olov Kindgren

PIECES February 2020
Away (Tribute to Andrew York) Per-Olov Kindgren
Gavotte in G-Major G. F. Handel
Scherzo in A-Minor G. F. Handel
Saying Goodbye Per-Olov Kindgren (For Matleena)
Air G. F. Handel (Clock Music)

CATALOG 25th December 2019
Updated Catalog (December 2019)

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