01. Updated 26th February 2024


I have decided to NOT sell my many arrangements for solo classical guitar anymore but exclusively my own compositions!

I know this is bad news for many but the extent of illegal copies and sales of my work has forced me to take this drastic step. Sites in China!, Vietnam!, Russia! and other countries are blatantly selling my work or providing them for free. Almost every week I find “guitarists” on YouTube that plays my arrangement but never bought it from me. When I confront them with this fact, they either doesn’t reply, tell me they are too poor to spend the $3.00 I charge or tell me they thought it was for free. Which, of course, is a bad excuse. So to protect my hard work, I will limit my items to my own compositions.

As long as I am active and composing, you will have to support me by buying my work. Isn’t that fair?

New 26th. February 2024
Attraversiamo Per-Olov Kindgren
Meraki Per-Olov Kindgren

New 16th. February 2024
Whiskey and Wine Per-Olov Kindgren

New in January 2024
Sentimentos Intensivos Per-Olov Kindgren
The Dove on the Olive Branch Per-Olov Kindgren

New in December 2023
Memento Mori Per-Olov Kindgren
To heal a Broken heart Per-Olov Kindgren

New in November 2023
Snow Per-Olov Kindgren

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