Estampas Suite (Sheet music)

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The suite, “Estampas” (Images from Spain) for classical guitar, was composed during 2010-2012. There are 7 pieces in different keys and difficulties.
I wanted to describe the atmosphere and feeling of a small, sunbaked village in the South of Spain and the people living there. To me it is not important that YOU see the same images that I did when composing these pieces. It is up to each and everyone of  you what “images” you see inside yourself when listening to or playing the music.
1. Contemplatión
2. Canción de Amanecer
3. Canción de Luna
4. En el Camino a la Iglesia
5. Luz en la Capilla
6. La Paloma Ciega
7. Otra Copa de Vino
The performer is welcome to play them in any order and even exclude single or several pieces. Or just pick his/her favorite piece for a performance. But the pieces can, of course, be played as a Suite.
I made this suite for classical guitar to extend the repertoire for intermediate to advanced players and to provide some “easy listening” music that can be customized for most events: short performances, background music or as part of a program for professional players.
It is my sincere hope you will enjoy playing them and your audiences will like them, in what ever context they are played.
Level: 2-4

Pages: 17


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