Tune from Utanmyra (Visa från Utanmyra) (sheet music + TABs)


Tune from Utanmyra (Visa från Utanmyra) is a Swedish folk song from the time when a huge part of the Swedish population emigrated to America to find happiness, jobs and a decent life. At that time USA welcomed emigrants that could help build the country to what it is today. The situation is definitely another in Mr. Trumps America that we see today.
I made this arrangement from the version by famous Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson (1931 – 1968). He is little known outside Scandinavia, and his records are not widely available, though Jazz på svenska (Jazz in Swedish) has sold more than a quarter of a million copies, and is the best selling jazz release ever in Sweden.
Level: 2-3
Pages: 2 (3 pages incl. cover page)


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