Thomas Morley – Pavan (sheet music)


This is my arrangement of “Pavan” (original title “Pavin”) by Thomas Morley. Thomas Morley (1557 – 1602) was an English composer, theorist, editor and organist of the Renaissance. This is originally for harpsichord (cembalo) but was used as a “lesson” in the 1610 published “Varieties of Lute Lessons”.
I decided to use the “lute tuning” with the 3rd string lowered to F# [E B F# D A E] since it makes the piece so much easier to play. I also suggest a Capo in 3rd fret (but it is optional!)
Until I make a video or recording with it, please listen to it on the harpsichord here:

(I would play it a lot slower!!)
Level: 3
Pages: 2 (3 pages incl. cover)


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