Tárrega: Study in E-Major (Sheet Music)


Ever since the death of Francisco Tárrega on 15th December 1909 many publications have appeared bearing his name. Unfortunately, it is not always clear which of the studies were from his own hands, and which from the editor/publisher. Consequently it is unclear if this exercise/study is actually from Tárrega himself. I played this while studying with my professor, Per-Olof Johnson (1928-2000), at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. I received a handwritten copy that I was told Per-Olof got from his teacher in Wien, Austria; Karl Scheit (1909-1993). I have no evidence this is actually composed by Tárrega. I am simply trusting my sources.
Regardless of the origin, this is a fun, technical advanced and well-sounding study. I added som bass notes. These are my fingerings and you are welcome to change them to your preferences.
In E-Major and standard tuning.
Level: 3-4, Pages: 3 (4 incl. cover)


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