S. L. Weiss: Sarabande (Suite XIX) (sheet music)

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This is my arrangement of Silvius Leopold Weiss Sarabande in Bb-Major from Suite No.XIX. I changed the key to A-major and standard tuning to make it easier (playable actually) to play on a 6 stringed guitar. It is such a beautiful piece. (As most of Weiss music).
Level: 3, Pages: 1 (2 including cover)

1 review for S. L. Weiss: Sarabande (Suite XIX) (sheet music)

  1. ollerearnshaw (verified owner)

    A beautiful piece by the lute meister Weiss which lies very well on the guitar. A sweet lyrical theme with some interesting dissonances reminds me of “Lascio ch’io pianga” by Handel. For a mediocre classical guitarist like myself there were a couple of tricky areas in the 5th and 6th positions but once I memorized the piece it fell into place. Best three bucks I’ve spent in a long time. Great job, Per, and thank you for once again bringing musical light into an often grey world.

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