Old Settler’s Song (Sheet Music)


“Old Settler's Song (Acres of Clams)” is a Northwest United States folk song written by Francis D. Henry around 1874. The lyrics are sung to the tune “Old Rosin the Beau.” The song also goes by the names “Lay of the Old Settler,” “Old Settler’s Song,” while the melody is known as “Rosin the Beau,” “Old Rosin the Beau,” “Rosin the Bow,” “Mrs. Kenny,” “A Hayseed Like Me,” “My Lodging's on the Cold, Cold Ground.” (Wow, that's a lot of titles)! I made this for students that have played for 1-2 years with me.
In A-Major and standard tuning.
Level: 1-2, Pages: 1 (2 incl. cover)


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