Gustav Svensson: Beyond the Stars (Sheet Music + Tabs)


Beyond the Stars is composed by one of my students, Gustav Svensson. Gustav is a very talented student and when he asked me if he could play a composition he made for his Grandmother when she passed away in late spring 2017, I was moved by the emotions he put into the music. I promised him to write it down if he made a readable sketch I could use. After the summer holidays he presented his composition on a sheet of paper and I decided it was good enough for others to try.
As with the Chinese girl, Ian Woo, I promised to give all revenue from the sales to Gustav. Please support him!
It should be played very freely. Don't try to keep a “beat”. Feel the music! It's like an afterthought…
In G-Major and standard tuning.
Level: 2-3, Pages: 2 (3 incl. cover)


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