Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer (The time of blossom comes) (sheet music)


This is an arrangement of an old Swedish hymn (psalm) from 1697 that I have loved ever since I was a child. Everytime I hear it; I am back in my school days on the last day before summer holidays. We all had to go to church and when the organ started playing this, I knew I had SUMMER HOLIDAY! The best feeling ever!
I always wanted to make an arrangement of it but never got around to it. But this summer I finally did it!
I know this is mostly related to Swedish and Finnish traditions but I promise you; it is a beautiful melody (added with my harmonies) regardless where you come from! In D-Major and Drop-D tuning. (E,B,G,D,A,D)
(Lyrics in English and Swedish are included).
Level: 2 (perhaps 3)
Pages: 2 (3 pages incl. cover)


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