00. Updated 12. November 2018

1. You must download your music. The time-span you can access your files is 1 year from purchase date, and you can download it up till five (5) times during that period.
2. I strongly recommend you create an account when ordering. You will then be able to login and download your items directly from your account in case you lost your invoice/download link or, for some reason, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking emails from me or you made a typing error in your email address. (This happens more often than one would think)! Please contact me in ENGLISH if you have any problems with your order.
3. Please read the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions before ordering.

NEW PIECE 12. November 2018
Choral from Matthäus Passion “O, Haupt voll Blut und Wunden” (“O, Sacred Head, Now Wounded”, BWV 244)

NEW PIECE 5. November 2018
To My Father (Ciaconna)

NEW PIECES October 2018
La Mariposa y La Pequeña Flor (The Butterfly and the Little Flower)
Prelude VIII in C-Major (a tribute to J. S. Bach)
New version! If you ordered this before 8th. October 2018, please contact me with proof of your order and you will receive an updated version for free.

NEW PIECES September 2018
Prelude in B-Minor (a tribute to F. Sor)
Spontaneously Yours… forever
Rose Red Romance A romantic, rather easy piece
Light Blue Pickin’ A finger picking study
Bright Yellow Tap A “tap” study

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