Beyond the Water and the Clouds by Ian Woo (Sheet music)

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Composed 2013 by Yi Tian (Ian Woo) when she was 13 years old. She is now a brilliant young musician (17 years old) that lives in Dali, in the south of China and plays the guitar, piano and several traditional Chinese instruments such as the gojon and others.
I heard her play this piano piece in a video on an iPhone when I was in Beijing and I immediately fell in love with the piece and the way she played it. I decided to transcribe it to classical guitar and Ian Woo gave me her permission. I promised that I will give her 100 % of the income from the sales. So, if you order this, you will be contributing to a poor, but very talented, young girl in her efforts to become a musician! All revenue (100 %) will go to Ian Woo.
In standard tuning. Please use a Capo in either I, II or III fret. It is not an easy piece but well worth the effort as much as Ian deserves the money!
Thank you for your support!
New! Now including the mp3 of my recording! (Can be purchased separately!)

Level: 3-4, Pages 3 (4 incl. cover)

1 review for Beyond the Water and the Clouds by Ian Woo (Sheet music)

  1. Jouke Wijnstra

    Very generous of you Per-Olof
    Say xie xie to Ian Woo really nice and she was 13 years ?! amazing

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