00. Updated 22nd October 2021

1. You must download your music. The time-span you can access your files is 1 year (365 days) from purchase date, and you can download it up till five (5) times during that period.
NOTE: If you haven’t ordered anything within 365 days your account and orders/downloads will automatically be deleted! If you lose your file(s), you will have to re-order them again! Make a backup!
2. Please read the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions before ordering.
3. Please contact me in ENGLISH if you have any questions regarding your order.

NEW 22nd October 2021
Sarabande BWV 807 Johann Sebastian Bach
Toccata VIII Michelangelo Galilei

NEW 19th October 2021
Vals Macabre Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW 15th October 2021
Andante in A-Minor Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW 3rd October 2021
Heavenly Moments Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW September 2021
Waltz Op. 12 No. 1 Per-Olov Kindgren
Al Dente Per-Olov Kindgren
The Sorrow of Saying Farwell Per-Olov Kindgren
Largo from the Opera “Xerxes” Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759)

NEW August 2021
Puedo sentir tu Tristeza Per-Olov Kindgren
Suite in E-Minor BWV 996 Johann Sebastian Bach

NEW July 2021
Andando Pelas Ruas Sozinho (Walking the Streets by myself) Per-Olov Kindgren
Elegy (for planet Earth) Per-Olov Kindgren
Updated Catalog (July 2021)
Vals Pequeño Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW June 2021
Twilight In Copenhagen Per-Olov Kindgren
I Will Always Remember You Per-Olov Kindgren
Dançando na Praia Per-Olov Kindgren

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