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NEW PIECE 25th September 2019
Autumn Leaves Joseph Kosma/Trad.

NEW ITEM 17th September 2019
Beyond the Water and the Clouds MP3 of Per-Olov Kindgren playing Ian Woo’s composition. (MP3 only!)

NEW PIECES 14th September 2019
The Queen’s Maid Per-Olov Kindgren
Prelude No. 2 BWV 939 Johann Sebastian Bach

NEW PIECE 8th September 2019
Saturday Morning Sun Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW PIECE 1st September 2019
Selected Studies Different composers! Please read description.

NEW PIECES August 2019
On a Rainy Day Per-Olov Kindgren
A Night in the Forest Cabin Dan Andersson
Allemande HVW 478 G. F. Händel
Julia Florida (Barcarole) Augustin Barrios Mangore
The Gondolier’s Song Per-Olov Kindgren
Bach to the Future Per-Olov Kindgren
Aria in E-Minor Per-Olov Kindgren

NEW CATALOG 26th April 2019
Updated Catalog (April/May 2019)

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