00. Updated 22. June 2018

1. You must download your music. The time-span you can access your files is 1 year from purchase date, and you can download it up till five (5) times during that period.
2. I strongly recommend you create an account when ordering. You will then be able to login and download your items directly from your account in case you lost your invoice/download link or, for some reason, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking emails from me or you made a typing error in your email address. (This happens more often than one would think)! Please contact me in ENGLISH if you have any problems with your order.
3. Please read the FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions before ordering.

NEW PIECES 22. June 2018
Six Easy Pieces Op. 15 All Six pieces from Op. 15
First Impression Op. 15 No. 1
Second Hand Op. 15 No. 2
Third Time Op. 15 No. 3
Fourth Dimension Op. 15 No. 4
Fifth Element Op. 15 No. 5
Sixth Sense Op. 15 No. 6

NEW PIECES 8. June 2018
Summer Garden Free
The River Free
Marché à Céret
Concertino for 4 guitars
(including mp3 file)
German Folksong/Elvis Presley: Wooden Heart/Muss I Denn

NEW PIECE 5. June 2018
Go Forward

NEWS May 2018
I have moved all my arrangements to the ARRANGEMENTS category. (Galilei, Dowland, Bach, Tárrega, Christmas music). Please find them there.
Eduardo Diaz New site where you can order Eduardo’s music from now on! Please keep supporting his wonderful music!
Wolfgang Vrecun Site where you can order Wolfgang’s music from now on! Please try it!
23rd May 2018. Complete list of almost 600 (x2) available pieces.
On The Roosevelt Island Tram
Pale Blue Dot (Planet Earth from a distance)

NEW PIECES April 2018
La Hija del Zapatero (The Shoemakers Daughter)
Gaspar Sanz: Espagnoleta
P.I.A.N.O (Duet) Now with TABs and video!
When I’m in Darkness, You’re the Light

Per-Olov Kindgren PlayBook Now with TABs!
Air CD MP3 and complete scores/Tabs available for download
Distant Love CD as mp3
23rd March 2018. Complete list of almost 600 available pieces.
After Silence CD (mp3)

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