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NEW PIECES 23rd. March
Ian Woo Beyond the Water and the Clouds
Per-Olov Kindgren Who Will Play For You Now?
Francisco Tárrega Oremus (Let us Pray)

PIECES February 2017
Per-Olov Kindgren Thank You (Xiexie)
Per-Olov Kindgren Climbing the Great Wall of China
Wolfgang Vrecun Dancing in The Morning

PIECES January 2017
Gaspar Sanz Canario
Eduardo Diaz: Frente al Mar
Per-Olov Kindgren You’ll Never Know (how much I loved you)
Wolfgang Vrecun December

Per-Olov Kindgren When You Close Your Eyes, I’m Still There
Free catalog: Complete list of over 500 available pieces.
Christmas Carol Schönster Herr Jesu
Christmas Carol Oh, Holy Night
Per-Olov Kindgren Desde Mi Corazón (From My Heart)
Eduardo Diaz: Hoy y Siempre
Per-Olov Kindgren Forgotten Tears (Study)
Per-Olov Kindgren One for the Road (Study)
Per-Olov Kindgren The Long Walk (Study)
Per-Olov Kindgren Justin Time (Study)
Wolfgang Vrecun The Friend In The North
Per-Olov Kindgren Five Minutes Apart
Per-Olov Kindgren Coffee Break Complete Suite (13 pieces)
Per-Olov Kindgren Antaño (Yesteryears)
Per-Olov Kindgren Prelude XIV in D (Hommage á Bach)
Per-Olov Kindgren El Burro Viejo (The Old Donkey)
Per-Olov Kindgren Coffee break in New York City
F. Schubert Ave Maria
Tango Milonga (Argentinian): My Love is Like a Red Rose
Traditonal tune: Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
Per-Olov Kindgren: I Dreamt I Held Your Hand Again
Per-Olov Kindgren: Noites De Carnaval (Carnival Nights)
Per-Olov Kindgren: Wedding Waltz
Per-Olov Kindgren: Slowly We Walk Together
J. S. Bach: Adagio e dolce BWV 527 First edition ever for solo guitar!
Erroll Garner: Misty
Per-Olov Kindgren: No Place To Turn

Per-Olov Kindgren PlayBook Now with TABs!
Air CD MP3 and complete scores/Tabs available for download
Distant Love CD as mp3
NEW 26th December 2016. Complete list of over 500 available pieces.
After Silence CD (mp3)

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