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NEW PIECES 23rd September
F. Tárrega: Study in E-Major
Per-Olov Kindgren Bajo el Roble (Under the Oak Tree)
Per-Olov Kindgren Tsunami

NEW PIECE 18th September
American Trad. Old settler’s Song (Acres of Clams)

NEW PIECES 16th September
Per-Olov Kindgren Espero Que Estés Bien (I Hope You Are Well)

NEW PIECE 6th September
Per-Olov Kindgren Win or Lose
Per-Olov Kindgren Nevertheless
Per-Olov Kindgren Repeal, Replace, Repeat
Fernando SorStudy Op. 35 No. 18 (Andantino)
Fernando SorStudy Op. 35 No. 21 (Andante)
Fernando SorStudy Op. 45 No. 5 (Andante)

NEW PIECES August 2017
Per-Olov Kindgren How Can I Know?
Gustav Holst Jupiter (Main Theme)
Per-Olov Kindgren Don’t Forget Me
Per-Olov Kindgren Playbook is now on Sale! Per-Olov Kindgren PlayBook

NEW PIECES July 2017
Per-Olov Kindgren Into Oblivion
Per-Olov Kindgren So Far Away
Per-Olov Kindgren Prelude XV

J. S. Bach: Adagio e dolce BWV 527 First edition ever for solo guitar!
Erroll Garner: Misty

Per-Olov Kindgren PlayBook Now with TABs!
Air CD MP3 and complete scores/Tabs available for download
Distant Love CD as mp3
NEW 26th December 2016. Complete list of over 500 available pieces.
After Silence CD (mp3)

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