Per-Olov Kindgren Playbook (sheet music)


Include pieces such as:
Eric Clapton “Tears in Heaven”,
Cat Stevens “Morning has Broken”,
Beatles “Here comes the Sun”,
Burt Bacharach “Raindrops keep falling on my head”
and many, many more. Now including comments/suggestions under each piece!
Level: 2-4
16 pieces / 22 pages
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 Table of Contents

1.     Annie´s song: John Denver Level: 2

2.     Fru Sauterne: Kim Larsen Level: 2

3.     Loving you: Per-Olov Kindgren Level: 2

4.     Theme from “Matador”: Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Level: 3

5.     Morning has broken: Trad. Level: 2

6.     Raindrops keep falling on my head: Burt Bacharach/Hal David Level: 3

7.     Streets of London: Ralph McTell Level: 3

8.     Om lidt bli´r her stille: Kim Larsen Level: 2/3

9.     House of the Rising Sun: Trad. Level: 2

10.  Don´t cry for me Argentina: Andrew Lloyd-Webber Level: 3

11.  Freedom song: Per-Olov Kindgren Level: 2

12.  Hvalen Hvalborg: Shu-bi-dua Level: 2/3

13.  Temaet fra “Olsenbanden”: Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Level: 2/3

14.  Jutlandia: Kim Larsen Level: 3

15.  Here comes the sun: George Harrison Level: 3/4

16.Tears in Heaven:  Eric Clapton/Will Jennings Level: 4


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