Oceans of the Moon (Complete Suite) (Sheet music)


Consists of different parts that describe some of the “oceans” of the Moon. First is the “Sea of Serenity” (Mare Serenitatis), then “Ocean of Storms” (Oceanus Procellarum), they are repeated… Then comes, the arpeggio part; “Sea of Waves” (Mare Undarum) And to the end the piece, a Coda; “Sea of Tranquility” (Mare Tranquillitatis)
Level: 2-4, Pages: 22 (File size <:1.0 MB) 1. Oceans of the Moon 2. Sea of Clouds 3. Sea of Crises 4. Sea of Islands 5. Sea of Nectar 6. Sea of Vapors 7. Serpent Sea 8. Luna Nueva


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