Guitar Class Volume 1


The first volume of my “GUITAR CLASS” series.

The aim of this course is to fill the gap in comprehensive teaching material that is suitable for those who prefer to teach themselves. During the 26 years I have been teaching classical guitar, I have arranged and composed many pieces of music for my students. I collected this material for a publication. The material has been revised and tested for many years and this is the refined product.
These books introduce beginners to a wide range of music and styles but the basic technique is always “classical”. We play with fingertips/nails, not a pick (plectrum). We learn how to read music, not Tabs. We use a guitar support or a footstool while seated.
It is my aim and hope, that this course will inspire more guitarists to learn to read from sheet music and develop a good technique while having fun.
Language: English
Level: Very easy! Beginner. Suitable for children as well as adults
Volume 1: 36 pages, letter format


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